About Us

VENMA is a manufacturing company in the field of heating technology. It was established in 2014 and since the beginning it has been involved in the manufacture of burners for wood pellets.  It started its operations as a small and single-person production facility where only one type of burners was made.  Currently, it manufactures more than a dozen models of different power and sizes with the ability toadapt to the individual needs of customers.

In 2016 the company's headquarters was moved to its own plant located in the south-eastern part of Poland in close proximity to the Special Economic Zone in Pustków, where it has its own production and office facility. In July 2018 the next stage of the plant expansion was initiated.  The new investment contributed not only to better working conditions but also increased employment. Currently, the company takes on a dozen specialists comprising a research and development team, which is a huge capital of the company, where the division of duties is associated with the skilful use of their individual characteristics. The ability to manage time, meeting deadlines and setting priorities are the bottom-line of the company. The entire crew is a well-organized team that has been able to achieve a lot.

Venma’s customers belong to production groups as well as small and average enterprises and individuals.  It liaises with the best manufacturers in the heating industry.  Sales are concentrated not only on the domestic but also on the foreign market. In order to meet the customers' needs, the offer of "Venma" comprises central heating products, technical consultation, group and individual training as well as warranty and post-warranty services.